Wrapping Blackwell


It was a fun time doing this feature. We had a lot of good design moments as well as the challenge of ADR’ing an entire film. Took some time for us to get the proper recordings as it needed to sound “vintage”. This film was shot on film, so we had to make it sound “rougher” then usual. It was an extremely interesting story that we had to bring out through sound. It was set in the older days so we couldn’t exactly use “modern” sounding aspects. We had to get creative and design some organic sounds that sounded real. Having done the editing and design of this film I must say it was a very enjoyable to be involved in. Once we hit the stage and started mixing, the producer Brett Harrison was very good at guiding us in the direction he wanted us to go. He also trusted us to do the sound and make it sound how he wanted it to. He was open to new ideas that we had but he really knew what he wanted. All in all it was a good time with a lot of fun experiences as well as a learning experiences for us on making organic sounds and really letting the client drive the session and give us good direction. We hope to work with Brett in the future and continue to make good films!

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