Brody Neilsen’s journey into Sound Design started when he decided to move from a small city in Saskatchewan out to Vancouver to attend Harbourside Institute of Technology to acquire a diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Production. During his studies there he was introduced to Sound Design and decided that this was the path he wanted to follow.  His teachers and mentors at Harbourside guided and nurtured Brody’s passion in the field of post production, specifically sound editing.

Brody graduated from Harbourside in March of 2016 then proceeded to work as a freelance sound editor and sound designer for most of 2017. He worked on several feature films, shot films and documentaries, as well as on-set production. Brody continued to develop his set of skills with every project but decided that he wanted formal training in Sound Design, so he enrolled at the Vancouver Film School to acquire a diploma in Sound Design for Visual Media. This course provided Brody with the opportunity to further polish his skills and to develop new ones required in the field of Sound. He gained an in-depth understanding of Sound Design and all its aspects. Brody graduated as an accomplished Sound Designer in December 2017.

Mohammed is a multicultural sound designer and mixer with 5 years of experience in film, games, music recording, editing and mixing. After working in music (live music recording, to music multi track recording, live sound reinforcement), Mohammed developed passion for sound design and mixing. He has since been a re-recording Mixer, dialogue editor, BGs editor, SFX editor, ADR, and Foley Recordist for many features and shorts in Vancouver. Mohammed’s passion is about telling the story through mixing films, where you can shape all of your edited sounds and music to make them all work together in favour of the plot.

It is at the Vancouver Film School where Brody and Mohammed met, they worked well together on several projects during their studies and as a result they decided they wanted to be partners in their own business. A business partnership was created, and Coastal Audio was born. Both Brody and Mohammed bring specific skills and expertise to the production of Sound.  Brody is responsible for Sound Design and Editing, while Mohammed is responsible for Mixing and Recording.  Since the inception of Coastal Audio, Brody and Mohammed have worked on multiple feature films, numerous short films, and on-set production sound for multiple clients.