Coastal Audio

Coastal Audio is a Audio Post-Production Studio and Production Sound duo located in heart of North Vancouver. In 2017, Brody Neilsen and Mohammed Ali combined their years of sound knowledge to establish themselves under the name Coastal Audio. Since then Coastal Audio has flourished under joint management from Brody and Mohammed. With these two industry grade professionals at the helm this studio they have established themselves as a highly respected member of the west coast Audio Post Production industry.

Coastal Audio has brought a fresh style to the ever changing post production industry. We outsource editors to work from the comfort of their own suites to provide any ADR and Foley that is needed for your project. We have always thought that a team is better than an individual. This is why we pride ourselves in making the recording, editing and mixing of your project to be as smooth as possible with no headaches. Coastal Audio will offer a professional mix on our state of the art mix stage while the client can enjoy the relaxed playback in our very comfortable environment. This unique work flow allows us to take every step necessary to achieve the best possible sound for our clients and gives every project with its own separate challenges the ability to have it’s own individual solutions!

To discuss your project, please go to contact us – we’d love to hear from you!