Robin Macabulos (Producer: Bonsai) – “Working with Brody and Mo set my standards of what Post Production Sound should be. Mo and Brody are very professional and eager to get things done in the best way possible. They have definitely been on top of my list in each of my projects”

Moheb Jindran (Producer: Aperture)  – “If you want quality sound, look no further than Brody and Mohammed. Always willing to go the extra mile, these guys will definitely make sure your film sounds as good as it looks, if not better. Can be a bit pricey at times but just know that if you do bring them on, you can rest assured that sound will definitely not be an issue for you. Great equipment, great people, great work ethic”

Var Bhalla (Producer/Director: This is Home Documentary) – “It was awesome to have Brody’s help with the post production audio for my documentary. He understood what I wanted as a filmmaker and went above what was expected! Looking forward to working with him again in the future!”

Turner Stewart (Producer/Director: Cuties) – “Brody is an incredible sound designer. He was the Sound Designer on our feature film Cuties, and he did a tremendous job of keeping the project on schedule and delivering the best possible sound for our project. I highly recommend Brody and will continue to work with him on our future projects.”

Brett Cliff Harrison (Producer/Director: Blackwell) – “I worked with these guys on a feature-length movie, building it all up from scratch, and it was great. They’re solid, dependable, and really know what they’re doing. Good working atmosphere, with laughs amid the focus. Very much recommended.”

Sebastian Ortiz (Producer/Director Bonsai, Mente Mariposa) – “I’ve known these two talented artist for the last two years, having lived experiences on set and outside work. They’ve always demonstrated responsibility and entrepreneurial passion for what they do. Of course, you know from other professional recommendations and from friends how successful they have pushed their company forward, by creating amazing contacts and trust with all kinds of clients and filmmakers.”

Ali Saleh – “Mohamed is a brilliant sound engineer, and is very knowledgeable,would definitely recommend him for all aspiring artists ,directors and producers.”